Friday, February 29, 2008


The Contest for a free download of “Beckoned” has not been won after a month. I am willing to give the following additional clues. With a little sleuthing, this should now be easy. I think you will find it worth the effort. Beckoned is a horror novel with both a touch of romance and some deep historical elements. I think you will enjoy it.

When you have the answer, please email me at


Question: Where did I get the symbol that appears on the cover of “Beckoned”?


Ron Scala

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

WCP ( is now open to poetry collections! Do you write poetry? Are you into free verse, iambic pentameter, glosas, or just have a true talent for penning vivid imagery in the form of poetry?

Submit 3 to 5 poems in the BODY of an email. Tell me a little about yourself and any prior publications you may have. Also, tell me what the basic theme is for your collection. Is it love poems? A mix of things? Poetry about life? The seasons?

If I like what I read, I will request the full collection.

Note: no ISBNs will be given for poetry. Collections will be in e-book format only.

This is great exposure for poets. WCP is growing fast and many big names watch our titles.

Send submissions and/or questions to editorfaith @ (close the spaces)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Full Snow Moon plus


February 20: Tonight is Full Snow Moon AND a lunar eclipse. Don’t miss it. Be careful of the werewolves though. I’m OK. Yukon is half wolf so they leave me alone.


Monday, February 18, 2008

New Here

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Stan Grimes. I recently had my sci-fi novel, "The Sound" published by WCP. I am happy to be a member of Wild Child Publishing authors' group. I think I have a great deal to learn about writing and publishing, etc. So, I will listen and watch the new posts and hopefully learn something from such a great group of writers. I have read some of your works and must say I am impressed with such great talent.

Here's to you all (I just finished a Budweiser on your behalf).


Friday, February 8, 2008

New Clues for contest "Beckoned"


I haven’t received a real good response from the contest for free download of “Beckoned” so I wanted to give a few more clues. It probably is a little tough without help. Here goes.

Question: Where did I get the symbol that appears on the cover of “Beckoned”?


Ron ScalaPublish Post